Hi, I'm Isabelle and I am passionate about enabling others to embark on their own personal journey to optimum health. My mission is to help others experience a more accessible and effective approach to health& well-being, and to feel the best that they possibly can.

Everyone deserves to live life to their full potential and enjoy great health and happiness.

Stumbling across Systematic Kinesiology many years ago whilst experiencing a period of major stress, I noticed the benefits immediately; even after my first "balance", I felt more energised, focused and motivated than ever before.

So profound were the shifts that I experienced after my first session, I was immediately empowered to make some profound life changes. A few years later I started my practitioner training and have now been working as a fully insured and qualified kinesiologist since 2008.

Systematic Kinesiology has improved my overall health & well-being, as well as allowing me to cope better with the pressures and strains that modern life often challenges us with.

My passion is to help others create more balance and well-being in their daily lives, whatever issues they are experiencing.

When minor health issues are not addressed, more serious health problems are at risk of developing. Whatever it is that you are experiencing, I can help you help to pinpoint the root cause and resolve it using the appropriate method. I can also help you find the necessary tools to maintain optimum health.

During the face-to-face sessions we discover what is going on with the mind and body using manual muscle testing, then we correct and rebalance. I always want my clients to leave the session feeling lighter, happier, more positive and motivated, and feeling like they are in control of their journey to optimum wellness.

Systematic Kinesiology uses gentle manual muscle-response testing to assess for minor imbalances. By working through these imbalances in priority order during the sessions, we can find the appropriate remedy, and the client can start to experience more harmony, balance and wellbeing in their lives.

I also provide my clients with valuable tools that help them create more balance and harmony in their daily lives. Kinesiology includes support with diet and nutrition as well as lifestyle changes. After the session I may recommend Bach Flower Remedies or other flower remedies, nutritional supplements, advice on foods to avoid or increase, suggestions for relaxation and wellbeing such as yoga and meditation. I will also recommend other styles of therapy if required.

Kinesiologists are dedicated to prevention as well as helping to alleviate current symptoms. Kinesiology is NOT a replacement for medical intervention and if you are experiencing any undiagnosed symptoms, it is always better to get these checked with your GP first.

Training, qualifications & experience

Analogue Muscle Testing
Classical Kinesiology Institute
February 2024

Pathophysiology - Clinical Medicine - Understanding Disease from the Medical Aspect
Classical Kinesiology Institute
April 2016

T.A.S.K. Post Graduate Course in Advanced Kinesiology
The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology
December 2009

Diploma in Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapists (Level 3)
June 2009

T.A.S.K. Professional Practitioner Training Course
The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology
January 2008

Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (Level 3)
ITEC July 2007

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